Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 8

John Moore:

Anyone who is focused on laughing, and laughter yoga, deserves a reblog today. I hope you enjoy the article and the site.

My friends, before you leave us could you do the following:

  • Leave me a comment, what has made you smile recently?
  • Follow this blog by email.  Knowing that people care about what I’m writing makes me happy.
  • Check out the new store and  help spread the message of living honestly with your friends and family.

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You should be mastering  smile push-ups by now. (see earlier Blog for directions) If you are really getting into your joyful fitness routine of the new year, you are starting your day with them, and maybe even repeating your now-perfected set of 10 throughout the day!

Still not sure you are ready to admit to everyone that you are preparing for Global Belly Laugh Day?  This is the perfect day to practice laughing – but to keep it incognito…try a silent laugh.   

silent laugh

Do it at least five times during the day – start at 1:24pm TODAY (anticipating the Belly Laugh you will do at that time on Jan. 24!) and repeat each hour.  Think of it as your dress rehearsal.  Once you think you have it mastered it – go ahead and give out a real laugh to the first person who has the nerve to ask you what…

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